Any good Vera (mios) and OpenHAB2 guide?

I can’t get the mios binding to work, so I wonder if ther’s any good guide/how to/tutorial how to get the z-wave devices I have in my Vera to work in OpenHAB2

Have a look at these:

Once you have used the scripts, its pretty straightforward… and very reliable.

I have installed the addon miOSbindning 1.9.0 to my OpenHAB2 and I put the IP to my Vera Edge in the mios.cfg and I ran the, and I put the .items file in /etc/openhab2/items

In OpenHAB2 (Paper UI, Config, Items) I can see all items from my Vera.

But then I’m stuck. I’m not sure what do do from here so that I can turn on/off the switches.

So have you created a sitemap file to show these items as switches etc?

Are you just getting started with OH?
It takes a bit of effort to get your head around initially, but once it clicks its well worth it!

The sitemap is what allow you to see on a webpage the items and interact with them.

Try HABpanel to control your items. It has less of a learning curve than a sitemap.

Oh, I haven’t created any sitemap, so that’s what I need.

Will try to find info regarding the sitemap

OpenHAB docs are a good place to start

what part in this string should be in the sitemap

Switch   FloorLivingRoomStatus "Floor Living Room Status" (GDevices,GRoom2) {mios="unit:LiBE,device:126/service/SwitchPower1/Status"}

or should be another part from the item files,

sorry for all the beginner questions. I’m beginning to understand the sitemap files, but not the mios binding and sitemaps.

A simple sitemap entry for that item would be:

Switch item=FloorLivingRoomStatus

edit… oops, I missed the “floor” part.

as this is another problem to what I started with, I have created a topic and kind of close this on.