Any news on a ver 2 binding for the ecobee thermostats?

I thought I’d just float the question to see if anyone has been making progress with developing an updated binding for Ecobee Thermostats like the Ecobee 3 lite.

I am aware and do use the version 1 style binding and the corresponding widgets in the gallery.

More of a curiosity topic.

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Really? 3 months and no one has any idea about this?

I’m wondering on this too. We will be getting a new HVAC system soon and I’m looking to upgrade from my old Nest 2 to either the Nest 3 or Ecobee 4 for remote sensors because our thermostat is in a dumb spot for our use patterns. I was leaning toward the Ecobee but being stuck on a (presumably) unmaintained v1 with no plans or news for a v2 binding is a big con for that

What makes you think the v1 binding is unmaintained? I just did a quick search of the openhab1 repo, and there are no open issues for the ecobee binding. Are there features you think are missing, or defects that need to be logged?

At some point, IF OH3 decides to sunset the compat1x layer (which makes v1 bindings work in v2), then a new ecobee binding would be required. Until then, the current one works quite well.