Any recommendations for Smart Locks or Tag-Readers?

Hi all,
i´m looking for Smart Locks or (RFID)-Tag Readers that work with OH. Major target for those devices are Kids who don´t own a smartphone (yet) and so can´t disarm the Alarm System (neither with the OH app nor by IFTTT, owntracks etc) by themselves, Minor target could be the postman or other delivery services. I tried NetAtmo Welcome, but this device isn´t integrated in OH and can´t open doors by itself - even if there would be a plugin to OH - there would have to be a rule from face recognition to some KNX-Address to open the door. And the Welcome has to stand OUTSIDE if its the Main Door you will trigger - not an option with this device.

For me it would be perfect if the device has some kind of binding or a webservice to fetch from shell at least, so i can tell OH to disarm if someone who is allowed to unlock the door or is able to authenticate by keypad, RFID or something else.

Thanks in advance for any hints, tipps or pointers to the right direction

Take a look at the sesame lock on kickstarter… I am waiting for mine. Shipment in December they said. Open API to add RFID and other things… Maybe use bluetooth instead of RFID?

Thanks Kim, but those locks aren´t very popular in Germany. And the “knocking schema” doesn´t look very safe. The other option via Smartphone isn´t possible because the lack of those devices - i must be child usable, without any phone

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check out - they say it will be available in Jan/ Feb timeframe.


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Karsten, i think this could do the trick - thank you, i just ordered the package plus a FOB :wink:

Hi Alexander,

i am currently using Homematic “Keymatic” Door-Motors + small Wireless Senders for each person.

Fully integrated into OpenHAB and easy to mount in my (rented) house.

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Thanks Rainer,
this looks pretty interesting, i´ll order those, too. How do you communicate with your homematic gear? CCU?


I am using a CCU2, but all automation stuff is done in OpenHAB.

Status Update: I tried the Homematic CCU2 with Remote, works very well, i´m satisfied. Thanks for the suggestions, i´ll try Nuki also when it arrives and post feedback here

still waiting my Nuki - but already have received the API details for the Nuki Bridge. Working on the initial definitions already.
20160403-Nuki-Bridge-API-v1.0.1.pdf (224.2 KB)

List Request
[{“nukiId”: 1, “name”: “Home”}, {“nukiId”: 2, “name”: “Grandma”}

LockState Request

{“state”: locked}
{“state”: unlocked}

LockAction Request

Possible Actions:
The desired lock action. Possible values are:

{“success”: true}

check on status***************************
String LockState1 “LockState1” { http="<[]" }


switch on/ off*****************************
<ON / OFF>
Switch Lock1 (Locks) { http="<[http=">[ON:POST:] >[OFF:POST:]"}

Will post update when i have received all my items and tested the same.