Any suggestions regarding structure, naming …

I am about to set up openhabian tonight again, after my first test set-up yesterday after updating gave up working. No prob - I am still in a testing phase. Long term goal is to set it up an a Synology NAS.
But currently I am playing with some bindings (Homematic, Z-Wave, Kodi, Samsung, Denon, Weather, Astro, Caldav). When I was reading something about the voice recognition systems and openHAB2 I discovered it would make sense to set up the sitemap Groups in English.
Do you have any recommendation I should take care of when setting up everything from the sketch.

Hello Andreas

Welcome to the OH Community.

This depends on how many bindings, items, rules … you have.

You’ll find some threads regarding naming conventions… For example

Personally, I’ve build for every binding its own .items File so I know where I can find my item (e.g. groups.item, weather.item and so on).
Same procedure I’ve done for my rules (lighting.rules, heating.rules, rollershutter.rules)

For the items itself it depends - as mentioned above - on how many items you have, or you plan to have.
Maybe its enough to name it like light_livingroom. Maybe you need some more information in it: GF_LF_Light_Ceiling (Groundfloor Livingroom Light Ceiling) for example.

I recommend to take a blank piece of paper an start to create your naming convention.

let us know, if you need more input.


Thanks for your feedback. I use Paper UI so it is difficult to have individual files for everything. But some binding are not 2.0 ready so I start with havning “two worlds” which is nor ideal…
But at the moment I am in a testing phase. Plan is to migrate in June from PI3 to a new NAS - when I am on parental leave for 2 months … :slight_smile:
Maybe than are some more 2.0 bindings available.
Regarding names for items I will start with Floorlevel_roomname_itemname_additional

Enjoy your OH Installation and your “Nachwuchs”

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