Any way to interpret the uriFragment errors?

Hi all.
Since upgrading to 2.5.6 I get loads and loads of the following errors in my log:

2020-07-09 08:55:43.701 [ERROR] [xbase.resource.BatchLinkableResource] - resolution of uriFragment ‘|::’ failed.

It seems the error can be a symptom of quite many different problems if I understand things correctly? Is there any way to interpret this code and get a clue about what the problem really is? I have no clue about where to start looking…

I do not think there is any more you can glean from that message.
That leaves you with a study of your openhab.log and events.log to work out what else was going on at that time.
What does your system do at 08:55?

The timing of loading the various files used by openHAB can vary among versions, it seems this error is often traced to a “something” not being available when a rules file loads.
If you haven’t yet implemented any kind of “late load” fix for rules, might need to now.

Well, that’s the thing. These errors come all the time, without anything else apparent happening in the system. So I’ve really got nowhere to start searching. I thought maybe the numbers could be interpreted in some way :frowning:

edit: Well, actually there seems to be a pattern. Every 10th minute I get ten of them. So something obviously happens with ten minute intervals…

It’s most likely a rule. Not necessarily cron triggered, some device might report at intervals etc.

One possible step is to “touch” each of your rule files in turn, see if that stops the logs.
If you find a suspect, look at what gets initialized at start up.

Yep, this is clearly really weird stuff. I edited one of my rules files, not changing anything else but removing some parts that were already commented out. After that the errors started coming every minut instead. So now I’ve restarted the entire OH service. Actually seems like the problem stopped.

I don’t really like restarting OH, always takes a while before things calm down (especially Z-Wave). Wonder if there is any specific bundle I could have restarted instead…

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