Any way to restart devices on the KNX bus?

Hi there,

is there a way to restart a KNX device with openHAB?

I found this method in the KNX addon
void restartNetworkDevice(@Nullable IndividualAddress address);
that calls
void restart(Destination dst) in Calimero.

Any way to access this functionality i.e. through a rule?

Background: one of my devices gets stuck after a few months and while resetting it through ETS (or disconnecting the wires) works, I’d like to automate this - I guess like we all want to. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading this! :+1:

Hi Tobias,
I had the same with a Air ventilation KNX bridge from Zehnder. A software upgrade off the Zehnder device solved it. Having to reset a device periodically doesn’t sound right to me. Talk to the vendor.
I had once a DALI Gateway from Jung which lost the configuration after a power loss. Jung was quite supportive and even the Gateway was out of warranty they replaced it for free.
May I ask what KNX device it is (just for curiosity to not buy the same ;-))?


Hi Marco, thanks for your reply,

I’m having some problems with an already discontinued model of the MDT KNX web interface. Already did some reflashing, but no success. Seems to happen only with specific routers.
When it goes down two thirds of my smart home stuff goes down, so I am really eager to find a solution.

See also Problem mit MDT IP Interface SCN-IP000.02 - KNX-User-Forum

Hmm, I had a Weinzierl KNX - IP router and replaced it with GitHub - knxd/knxd
The reason was that the Weinzierl couldn’t have simultaneous connections.
I am quite happy with knxd.
What you could do is using knxd in the middle and access the knx bus from openhab / ETS using the knxd IP address.