Any work is being done for Openhab and Startline binding?

StarLine is one of car security systems widespread in Russia. One can start/stop the engine and get car state like temperature and coordinates. I wonder if anyone is working now towards integrating it with Openhab?

It’s a company specializing in security with no doubt a secure api. There is nothing on their website about external API. You could contact them to find if they would be open to an openHAB binding and on how to go about it. With the technical information a binding can be developed.

There are examples here and there that simulate working with their API. Looks very straightforward

OK, I don’t read russian but it looks like it could be done with the http binding and JSONPATH transform

Kind of. I am just interested if anyone has started to work on it


You can see this page with realization for ioBroker:

Thx, that might help!