Anyone else having problem with Alexa and Openhab2

I have been reading this forum about problem with Alexa and Openhab2 but i have a problem that i havnt found a answer to. Since yesterday its completly impossible for me to get this to work again. Last night i found out that my devices in openhab wasnt responding when i used Alexa. After that ive been trying to reinstall the skill official Openhab skill and everytime Oauth validation works like it should. But when i do a scan for new devices there is no openhab devices (did a forget all before!). On i see all my devices and can switch them there just like it should…

Anyone else with the same problem? Has it something to do with the maintance yesterday?

Up until about two weeks ago my Alexa integration was working fine. Then intermittently Alexa wold tell me that my devices were not responding (turning on/off lights) - sometime they would work, sometimes not. I’ve also found that some openHAB notifications to my mobile phone were extremely delayed. I have no idea if the two are related but I considered that fact that perhaps myopenhab connectivity was delayed from time to time and that Alexa <> myopenhab was timing out causing the issue… I’ll try again when I get home from work to see if Alexa is still working.

Seems is facing some seroous problems currently. As the Alexa Connection is reliant on this service, you are experiencing these issues. So all you can do is wait and hope the maintainers will finally bring it back to a useable state.

I don’t use IFTTT, but Alexa connection to myopenhab is running well since the maintainance (20th January)! Last test this morning (7:30 CET).

Tested last night and Alexa working for me again :slight_smile:

it’s been pretty spotty for me lately, too, with the maintenance that they’ve been doing with MOH.
been working ok tonight, finally.

Same here… It has started to work for me also again!