Anyone got the tampering alarm on the FGSS001 z-wave smoke sensor working in OH2?

As the title sais, anyone got the tampering alarm on the FGSS001 z-wave smoke sensor working in OH2?
It was working in OH1 but now nothing happens. Is the item correct?
Not that I needs it but it is somewhat annoying none the less…

OH1 *.items

Contact 	livingRoomSmoke_tamper 					"Smoke Detector Tamper trigger [%s]" 	<fire> 				(GF_Living) 						{ zwave="13:0:command=sensor_alarm,alarm_type=0" }

OH2 *.items

Contact   FGSS001_1_alTamp        "FGSS001_1 - Tamperig Alarm [%s]"     <contact>                 (stat)                { channel="zwave:device:15912e68c95:node13:alarm_general" }

No, the item isn’t correct. In OH2 alarm_general is a SWITCH type, not a CONTACT.

Now I’m a bit confused.

Running it as a switch type works. Thx jaydee.

Has this changed from OH1 to OH2? I ran it as a contact in OH1 and that worked there…

What about smoke and heat. Should they also be switch type?

Contact   FGSS001_1_alSmoke       "FGSS001_1 - Smoke Alarm [%s]"        <contact>                 (stat)                { channel="zwave:device:15912e68c95:node13:alarm_smoke" }
Switch    FGSS001_1_alTamp        "FGSS001_1 - Tampering Alarm [%s]"     <contact>                 (stat)                { channel="zwave:device:15912e68c95:node13:alarm_general" }
Contact   FGSS001_1_alHeat        "FGSS001_1 - Heat Alarm [%s]"         <contact>                 (stat)                { channel="zwave:device:15912e68c95:node13:alarm_heat" }

In general, how do I know if it should be a switch or a contact type in OH2? Can I see that in HABmin?

Yes, this has changed and yes, smoke and heat are also SWITCH types now.

You can see all types of all zwave related channels in Chris’ database:

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Is there a reason for the change to Switch?

Can I map a Switch to a Contact or is it possible to render a Switch in BasicUI as a contact?

I mean, it does not make sense to set a Smoke Alarm (or Tamper alarm) to a value, so it really should be “read-only”.

No, as Contact is no valid element type for sitemaps. See here:

But you can map the Switch to a text item (that’s what I did). So it is read-only. And if you need some mapping to make it a little prettier, you can easily do the mapping in your Switch item definition and then display the whole item as a text item in your sitemap.