Anyone have success with Epson binding 1.8 on a Epson 5030UB

Has anyone gotten this to work? Followed the bindings page but still comes back with failure to communicate even with a normal serial from projector to my openhab box. I have it on com1, the native serial port on the box.

Looks like you need more info in the config file. Just had to name my projector on the 2nd line for “host”

I also haven’t succeeded.
I tried it with binding rev. 1.8 on a Raspberry Pi.
Raspberry uses the ttyAMA0 for serial communication.
So I’m not sure if I have to use the serial binding in addition to the epson projector binding.

At least I have not succeed, not with serial and not with epsonbinding.
For me it looks that I’m not seeing the ttyAMA0 port at all from openHAB.

I just got the Epson binding working after a bunch of head scratching. I have an Epson 4030 hooked up via RS-232 and USB to serial connector to a laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 with Openhab 1.8. Openhab is using the /dev/ttyUSB0 for serial communication. After following the binding wiki, I had to add the user “openhab” to the “dialout” group to allow permission for openhab to have access to the serial connection. Here is the link I came across when troubleshooting.

I have been running everything off of a windows server, so I really could have just gone a direct serial method but I think ultimately I would like it all running off of a Pi. Because of this I decided to go with a USR-TCP232-200 .

For $20 I can have it sit on the network and point openhab to its ip address and it works flawlessly. No messing around with serial ports, virtual serial ports in openhab. It took a little tinkering around to get it in the correct mode to relay commands off but I think it’s well worth the money.

I have to update my post.
It is running for several days now using the raspberry serial interface.
Thanks for the hint with the network to RS232 converter. I will have a look.