Anyone running Xiaomi curtain motors

Hey all,

I’m running loads of Xiaomi gear for sensors (doors,windows, motion etc) - but toying with a curtain motor or two.
Have any of you tried these and are you willing to offer an opinion? I’d expect them to be pretty solid and have been quite happy with the gateways I run and the reliability thus far…

Hi @bulletprooffool ,

I have tried integrate xiaomi curtain motors to openhab but no luck.
If you have experience with this kind,can you help me?

my item definition :
Rollershutter Korden_Lt1 "Blinds" <blinds> { channel="mihome:curtain:158d0002ec4767:curtainControl"}

My sitemap
Switch item=Korden_Lt1 label="Korden Lt1"

Thank you

not gotten a curtain rail yet - but once I do, I’ll have a go.