Anyone tried to integrate Nokia Sleep?

I’m tempted to buy a Nokia Sleep. It’s compatible with IFTTT, so I guess it might be possible to integrate it into openHAB through that service. But as I would like to keep all my automation rules within openHAB, I would very much like to have it included into openHAB as it’s own device (or possibly multiple devices). Have anyone attempted a direct integration, or can anyone tell me straight off the bat whether it’s possible or not?

I assume it would be possible to only use the IFTTT integration to send updates to openHAB that in turn control the status of some created devices, and then create rules in openHAB based on the state of those, but can I trust that this will be consistently reliable without any annoying delays or hiccups?

Did you already try it? I am also interested, especially to track presence. Does it report sleep phases to IFTTT? Would be great to adjust morning alarm and automation to sleep phases.

No, I haven’t bought it. But I did see a review that was less than impressed by its accuracy and possibilities regarding sleep phase based alarms and such. Maybe things have changed, I haven’t done that much research on it yet.

It would be great if we can integrate this into openHab… mainly for detecting presence/sleeping, etc…
Anyway, I have some Nokia/Withings products at home, the usability is various…

Hey there,

i’m also interested to buy the Nokia Sleep. Did anyone of you try it?