Anyone using NodeRed?

I’m interested in using NodeRed, purely because I think it is more my way of thinking (both software I use at work are purely node based).

Is anyone using nodered? How are you using it?
Openhab rest?
Mix of extend and nodeRed? Or just NR?
How are you triggering?

It looks really interesting from the small amount of time I’ve spent with it, just trying to get a broader view of its uses and if there’s any shortfalls.


From what I was able to determine when I last looked at it the overlap between OH and NodeRed was so large that it made little sense to me to use both. However, there might be things that OH can talk to that NodeRed can’t and in that case I would probably have NodeRed and OH communicate through MQTT or their respective REST APIs.

If you search the forum you will see NodeRed does come up periodically.

I would be interested in seeing how/whether anyone is combining the two in a systematic way. Are people using NodeRed instead of OH rules for the logic or visa versa? Or do people do one-off integrations (e.g. NodeRed to talk to this one device, everything else in OH, or visa versa)?

It certainly looks pretty and I like the Yahoo Pipe’s like view of the data and processing.

I’ll setup a few things and report my findings after a proper test period.

My main reason is ease of use.
There’s a lot I dislike about Xtend (mainly how I don’t know the language, lol). So being able to move things around and not worry about syntax is a huge plus. Also the ability to easily add and expand a rule without having to jump onto my laptop and test things over ssh.

Another is that currently it’s hard work to write a rule that does a specific thing (say dim certain lights while holding a switch) but be able to re-use it depending on which switch you press (like a python def that you feed variables too). I’m hoping nodeRed might make this easier…

Have you looked at the JSR233 binding? It lets you write rules in jython.

Briefly. I know Python a bit so that would be better. I heard there was going to be a new rule engine, so thought I’d hold out for that before creating loads of rules.

I’ll have a look though.

The JSR233 binding will become a part of the core of OH 2 and the current Rules DSL will also be included in OH 2. OH 2 is adding a new rules engine but not replacing these old ones so any rules you write now will work with OH 2 as is.