Anyone using Qolsys IQ binding yet?

I’m excited to try the new Qolsys IQ binding – after updating to 3.4. Any reports from users who’ve used it yet?
I used alarmdecoder in my previous place and it enabled some of our best automations, because the alarm status (away, armed home, disarmed) tells a lot about what’s going on, and it’s been a big disappointment setting up the new place without it.
I plan to upgrade and give it a whirl this weekend.

I still haven’t gotten around to testing this – got hung up on not having access to the settings to enable it. Before I call my provider to see if I can get access to those settings, I thought I’d check again for any usage stories. @digitaldan, you appear to be the binding author – are you still using it? Any experience with how to ask for access to the settings?

I am, i have 32 zones including doors, windows, motion sensors and fire, which is monitored by by way of AlarmGrid. We only use openHAB to interact with the system, i never actually touch the qolsys panel(s) anymore. I have not had a single issue yet since its been released, although i’m probably the only user :wink:

The binding docs (bridge) shows what has to be done, this is the same setup if you have a commercial control4 system, so maybe mention thats what you are trying to connect and your “control4” system needs the “secure” token. In the end, i would press to get a dealer code so you can do this yourself, i don’t like the thought of having equipment in my house i can’t really access, but someone else can … and remotely!

If you need any help setting this up, just let me know here, happy to get other users on it.

Thanks. Appreciate the control4 insight, I’ll try that approach if asking for the dealer code doesn’t work. I’ll hint that I’m ready to change providers if they push back & see how it goes.
Once I get the integration enabled, I should be good to go. I’m missing some of the integrations from our old place, especially knowing the home/away/stay status of the system.