Anything worth saving from a 3 year old installation for a new one?

Hi all,

I had a running OpenHab a few years ago, and still have the devices scattered around the house. I am going to just pave it and start over with 3.2…

Is there anything on there that is potentially worth saving copies of? I am not worried about rules, but as far as codes or serial numbers or whatnot?

This was running openhabian… I forget the version, but it is probably about 3 years old at this point. was taken offline for some reason i cant remember

If you have any secure Z-Wave devices (e.g. door locks), then you’ll need the network security key. Otherwise, you can probably just start fresh with 3.2.

Easiest thing to do is just get a fresh SD card, in case you realize later that you want to get something from the old system.

Thanks! No secure anything on it, but good thinking on the SD card