Anyway to hide an entire frame in a sitemap?

I know you can hide items inside of a sitemap with visibility=[], but is there any way to do that with a frame? I have a frame called Sensors, and a subframe for each kind. I wanted to hide one of the subframes so I don’t see the labels if none of the sensors are active. No reason to see a “Windows” frame if every single one is closed.


I don’t think the Frame element supports visibility. You can try though and see if it works. If not you can try putting them all in a Group and see if the Group element supports visibility.

Personally I use subframes and a Group to summarize the states (e.g if one or more doors are open the Group’s state is OPEN). Then I put that Group into a Text element on the Sitemap and put each door item in that.

I always have a Doors entry on the sitemap but i have to click to get to the frame of all the doors.

Text item=gAllDoors {
    Text item=Door1

The behaviour just changed in one of the nigthlies for basic ui in classic ui it is working . I used visible(unvisible Frame in many areas like my garden. The is a frome for irrigation, lighting etc. and i switch then bases on the situation on. This does not work anymore for about one week.

A big step backward for openHab :disappointed:


I agree. I also used visibility in frames, which doesn’t work anymore in OH2. :-/