Anyway to measure CPU's power?

Hi guys, I wonder is there anyway to measure CPU’s running parameters such as power consumption, temperature…? I’m running OH2 on raspberrpi 3 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (my PC).

Since I keep running my system almost all day long so I need several methods to implement what I’ve just described, please show me how
Thanks in advance

Have you looked at the Systeminfo binding?

In addition to CPU load, there are some sensors that you may be able to use:

group sensors channel cpuTemp, cpuVoltage, fanSpeed

For your information: The binding is what you are looking for, but the it currently doesn’t return values for CPU temperature or voltage of Raspberry Pis. This problem is caused by the underlying library used to read those values. There is already a fix in that library available, but not released. So with the next release of the library this issue can be closed. Read issue 1324 for more info.