API authentication issue

I running OH3.3.0, callig an API from internal network I got this:

{"error":{"message":"Authentication required","http-code":401}}

API I’m calling is:

I need this API call to monitor with Zabbix some Things status, but I cannot set authentication on Zabbix. What I would like is to have not API Auth on local network. To Expose OH to external I am behing a reverse proxy with authentication.


As far as I remember you can create custom scripts to add your own checks to Zabbix.
This allows you to submit user and password when you call the REST API.
As alternative to providing user/password you can use a token and provide that instead.

HI @Wolfgang_S
yes I can create custom scrtipt, but curl will be needed and I cannot include in Zabbix installation, because is not handle by me.


Not sure if I understand your issue correctly, but with a webcheck in Zabbix you should be able to send the Authorization header with the bearer token?
See: 9. Web monitoring
Your Authorization header will then start with Bearer.
Replace items in <> with your data.
One remark, please don’t expose this over non-secure ports (and over public network).

HI @j.hoekstra
I solved with Zabbix Item configured as HTTP Agent, and setting Authorization in Header starting with Bearer, and works fine.



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