APN Notification caused error: 513 for device

Hi All

This appears to be happening and as a result Im not getting notififcations to my Android from a privately housed openhab cloud. It was working just fine for more than 12 months up until recently.

Cant find any real information as to what this means but when sending a test alert, it will restart the GCM XMPP connection

Any thoughts? Sending a test from the cloud portal works just fine though but when a rule is created that will send a broadcast alert, it doesnt send it and restarts.

2020-09-08 08:57:46:4646 error: openHAB-cloud: APN notification caused error: 513 for device
2020-09-08 08:57:47:4747 info: openHAB-cloud: Backend service is starting up...
2020-09-08 08:57:47:4747 info: openHAB-cloud: Backend logging initialized...
2020-09-08 08:57:47:4747 info: openHAB-cloud: Initializing XMPP connection to GCM
2020-09-08 08:57:47:4747 info: openHAB-cloud: Connecting ro Redis at
2020-09-08 08:57:48:4848 info: openHAB-cloud: Mailer will emulate sending in development environment
2020-09-08 08:57:48:4848 info: opneHAB-cloud: Trying to connect to mongodb at: mongodb://
2020-09-08 08:57:48:4848 info: openHAB-cloud: Scheduling a statistics job (every 5 min)
2020-09-08 08:57:48:4848 info: openHAB-cloud: IFTTT is configured, app handling IFTTT capabilities...
2020-09-08 08:57:48:4848 info: openHAB-cloud: express server listening on port 3000
2020-09-08 08:57:48:4848 info: openHAB-cloud: Redis connect response: OK

Digging into this deeper, it appears there are some socket.io errors:

2020/09/09 07:45:58 [error] 25108#25108: *10377 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: domain.name, request: “GET /socket.io/?EIO=3&transport=polling HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “”, host: “domain.name”

But if i open that upstream URL locally it appears to work fine?