App broken using Mobile Data since App Update

Since the ios apps autoupdated to V2.4.43 it doesn’t connect to the remote URL address using mobile date or wifi when not on the home network. Using a web browser to https://mydomainname works but the ios app set to the same address doesn’t. This is on both phones, 1 is on ios 15.4 beta 5, the other is on the released version of ios 15.2. The error is at the bottom of the ios app “Error URLSessionTask failed with error:cancelled” and OH is V3.2.0 release build.
ios error screen attached. Once the error happens the app has to be swiped closed before it will connect to the local server again.
Is there a workaround for this other than reverting to safari when not on the home network?

Despite no replies this seems to be have just been fixed with an app update - great news. V2.4.44 works in case anyone else encounters this.

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Hi, .44 works for me AFTER flushing pic memory and Switch from svg to png in App Preferences. Go completely offline to Start App without crash.

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I have the same issue. Also after clearing the cache. Somebody an idea?