App for covid-19

I have seen that some of you have the skills to develop a very nice app for openHAB. I wish if you could tell me if you could or you know someone that could develop the following app. This could be very helpful in particular for developing countries. Perhaps you may know if something like this have been already developed.

Basic description of the app. The goal is to quickly carve a hole of self quarantined people around an infected person. The app should track your position every five minutes for 14 days and store it locally in your phone. If you become infected, or show to have some of the symptoms, the app should ask your permission to send your positions to all your contacts. If the contacts own app determine that they were at the same spot at the same time within your contagious period, they should receive a notice to stay put. The app should delete the data received from another person but retain contact information .It should send back the contact of the potential infected. Once a person is alerted the app should send with permission a message to the next contacts and determine if they are a risk with the same method within the second hand contagious period. Once a person is tested the app should send a confirmation or a false alarm to everyone down the chain. For this to work everyone or a significant fraction of people should have the app in their phone. One could use the app to help directing where to test and where medical help and supplies are needed. Other things could be added but I don’t want this message to be too long. I am sorry for writing something off topic.

I think that is a great idea if it is going to be free. Please post if you are going to charge for the app or if it is free and open source? It would be useful here in Australia as due to privacy laws that can not be done by the government despite the location data is already recorded and stored for two years by law.

Sure free an open source.

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(Sorry, German only)

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Thanks for the info. I appreciate the feedback.

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