App stops showing sitemap

I have a very strange problem with the iOS app since a few weeks (month) now.

The app (current version from Appstore) is working fine. After a while it doesn’t show my sitemap anymore.The screen that normally shows my items is empty. When I go to “settings” there is no sitemap. Otherwise the app seems to work completely normal, only the sitemap is gone.
Strange thing is when it happens, it happens on all my iOS devices (several phones and tablets) but the web UI and the Android app is still working. The whole system seems to work completely normal, only the iOS devices don’t show my sitemap.

Restarting the app is not solving the problem. But after restarting the server (openhabian, V 2.5.5-1) everything works fine for a while, than the sitemap is gone again. It is happening sporadically, sometimes it works for days, sometimes only for a few hours.

As it only happens on iOS devices, but restarting the app is not helping it must be a server problem that only occurs with iOS devices and not with Android.

I don’t see anything in the log files and I have no idea how to “debug” this. Any ideas what the problem could be or how to find it?

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Golly, I’ve recently seen a post I feel may be connected, to do with jetty sending json with snake_case instead of camelCase field names or something. Cannot find it now.

Okay thanks, this is a first start. Sounds like there is some sort of web service that is sending the Json, Is there a way to call this service manually to check the Json?

Ah, found it. It is about Android app, but the underlying cause is server-side, iOS app might behave differently with same issue

There are urls to check, see if it is this issue.

Thanks for the tipp, but it seems that this is another problem. I just check the service endpoints

/rest/sitemaps/home/home (home is my only sitemap)

and compared the json with WinMerge. It’s exactly the same when the app is showing the sitemap and when not.


I have a similar problem since last update (OH 2.5.6-2)… iOS app does not show sitemap. Basic UI has no problem with same sitemap.
In iOS App (2.3.1) only a black screen is shown. All settings are visible and all Notifications are shown as well. Wenn refreshing entries in screen two log entries appear:

2020-06-30 07:29:23.430 [WARN ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Jetty request 13821906 failed: null
2020-06-30 07:29:23.432 [WARN ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Response Failure: null
Anyone an idea how to get my iOS app back?
Thank you!

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Hi !
I have the similar effect.
After restart of OH I can access - locally and via … but after some time the UI remains empty.
Browsing through the log shows no real reason (… and to be honest - I am not sure what I should look for)
Any advice ?!?!

Hi all, same issue here after upgrading to OH 2.5.10-1. Using Openhabian based on stretch.
Reboot doesn’t help at all in my case - app stays blank.
As a workaround, I switched back to Basic UI using Safari - hope this helps someone who’s stuck with the iOS app.
REST endpoints are definitely accessible and return valid JSON.
Checked the logs on karaf, nothing really relevant - for now.
Will hack around to find relevant information.

If anybody has an idea :smiley:

Did you try with the Testdrive version of the app? As mine is working OK on all iOS devices (allways using the testdrive version - 2.4.12) and iWatch. And I’m running the lazest version of OH 2.5.10-1

Hello, thanks for the answer. I tried with the latest 2.4.12 in TestFlight and still have the issue on my side. Will try a complete reinstall of the openhabian in the coming days.