Apple Calendar in Openhab

Hello community,

im new in openhab and i want to bind my apple icloud calendar into openhab. I don´t find any entry ´s here.
Most entry´s are about google calender.

Has anybody experience about bind apple icloud calendar.


You could use the CalDAV binding and the server address.

Is there anywhere a good step by step instruction how to get a google or a iCloud calendar running with the caldav binding. I’m sure its me, but I don’t get it running.

I don’t have an example for you, but isn’t the wiki page of help?

Not really. I don’t get access to the calendar which I assume is caused by a wrong link or authentication. And I have no idea how to test that outside openHAB. Maybe I give it a try with the Apple calendar on the weekend.

The section in the docu is wrong:

Locate URL
This site may help to find the Calendar URL (i.e. Google Shared Calendars):