Apple HomeKit and window contact

Is there a way to use window contacts with HomeKit? I couldn’t find a clue how to define it.
I am thinking of asking Siri if all windows are closed when leaving the house.

I am also wonder motion sensor, as official homekit have support window contacts and motion sensor now

Bumping into the same issue. Should be simple enough, yet I could not find a way to do it properly. Using [Switchable] in the item definition does not work well as a user can toggle the switch on/off thus messing with the accuracy, not to mention that I can’t set a proper icon in the Home app nor ask Siri stuff like “is my window open”.
The workaround I found was to define a dummy switch, publish that with [Switchable] to HomeKit, and update its values with a rule (i.e. when the real item changes, the dummy switch changes). And to make sure users don’t mess with it, I created an additional rule so that when the dummy switch receives a command, it is automatically reverted to the real item’s state.
That’s of course neither elegant nor fully functional, so wondering if anyone here has better ideas?
PS: first post here - I’ve tried searching for a solution but did not come up with much.

problem solved: Other homekit types through red-node. Works very well for me, so kudos to rswennen for the work.

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