Apple Homekit. Loss of communication after Openhab Server (RPI4) rebooting

Hello community.
I know that a lot of Openhab users use HomeKit binding to have possibility to control OpenHAB items from Apple Home application.

There is next issue: I made connection (according to official Openhab instruction) between OpenHAB (Openhabian) server and Apple Home application. It works good, I can control my OpenHAB items using Apple Home app. But after OpenHAB server rebooting (using sudo reboot command) communication between OpenHAB and Apple Home app is lost (I wait to long and still no result), OpenHAB server at the same time works good. To make this connection again I must remove OpenHAB device from Apple Home app and then to add it to Apple Home (according to instruction) again. Any ideas ?

RPI4 with OpenHAB 2.5.5 (I have no possibility to update it);
Apple device: iPad7.

I had the same problem… this is a known issue if you Google it.
I wasn’t able to fix it permanently in OH2.x.

Sometimes it helped to stop the openhab service before reboot.

sudo systemctl stop openhab2.service

After the upgrade to OH3 HomeKit works all the time after a reboot. So the Upgrade was worth it only for this :rofl:

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