Apple homekit … updating … takes about 30 seconds …

I’m using the latest stable version of OH3. I had to upgrade because applehomekit lost the connection pretty often and I needed to reboot. This is ok now, connection is stable but slow. After opening the apple home app it takes about 30 seconds to update. This is way longer than a the homekit of a friend of mine, who is even on an older rasberry pi. Any ideas what I could do to improve performance?

Please try to disable the private wifi address in iOS system settings for your wlan.
Worked for me to make the home app more responsive.

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Thank you, that actually works!

It is slower than ever now, when i open the home app, at first it takes about 30 secs “updating” then 30 secs “no response” and after that it shows the status and functions can be used. As long as the home app is active it stays responsive, but once out of focus it starts all over again. Any ideas?