Apple Opensources the HomeKit Development Kit

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Yes - would be great if one of the maintainers could give his opinion about how usefull that might be for us :thinking::grinning:

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It should be very useful, as the binding won’t need to be reverse engineered.

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that’s the first step Apple takes.

They also want to cooperate with other companies (Amazon, Google etc.) and offer an open wireless-bluetooth standard.

yes, the big fight for smart home starts. good move from apple.
it will also help us to develop homekit binding and underlaying library (Java-HAP).

until now we had only specification which is not always detailed enough and we had to do some try-and-error-with-reverse-engineering to figure out the details.
while source code of ADK definitely helps, it will not explain why home app sometimes behaves strange, e.g. recent pairing issue with ios13.
if i could choose i would prefer source code of home app and ios homekit.