Apple Watch App : 401

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: rPi 4
    • OS: openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: 17
    • openHAB version:4.04
  • Issue of the topic: Watch App can’t load sitemap.

I have no problem with the iPhone app. It works great. The problem is with the Apple Watch App. As I have understood, it tries to read a sitemap called watch. I have created that sitemap both in UI and as a textfile. Created in UI it shows below pages in the OopenHab UI. Created as a textfile it only shows when I open BasicUI.

The error occurs when I open the App on the Watch. It shows the text: ”Error Response status code was unacceptable:401” . The Basic UI instead shows this message ” SSE subscription failed (401 Unauthorized): running in fallback mode” but renders the sitemap. It can not be used to change anything though.

I can see this error in the logs when loading the Watch App (latest via Testflight):

[WARN ] [] - Unauthorized API request from User not found:

The username that is displayed is the one used in the phone app that works great there.

I had similar problems a few days ago. But now things are going great.

I had to delete the app from the active apps list on the Watch (iOS 10.1) (double-click the crown and then X) when I changed a setting on the iPhone.

What setting did you change to what?

My settings:
Local url: (http is important)
name: email address for
Password: XXXXXXX

Always send login details: no
Ignore ssl certificate: yes

If the iPhone’s access changes (Wifi ↔ mobile), there may be a “try again” message on the watch.