Apple Watch App

Hi all,

The last months I thought that the watch app isn’t working at all. It didn’t display anything. Last day I found that I have to create a specific Sitemap named watch. Now it seems to work in principal, at least after installing the current TestFlight version.

But the lights, defined as switches, doesn’t show the correct state on the watch. If there are some lights on, the watch app shows them a off. If I review the same Sitemap in the browser on the phone, the state is correct.

Does this issue have somebody else?


It seems as this issue only occurs with items defined as dimmers. If I redefine them as switches in the items configuration, it works.

Ok. It seems as also the switches aren’t working if the dimmer lights are not at 100%. In this case the Switch enables the light, the bulb at the left side starts glowing and the switch moves back to „off“. In the same state, the Sitemap in the Browser Shows the correct state.