Apply updates to 3.4 without it going to 4.0

How can I apply updates to 3.4 without it going to 4.0? I want to build a 3.4 machine to test an issue I am having under 4.0.3.

Just install a specific version 3.4.5
How? That depends on which type of installation you’re using. Need more info from you.
Docker? openhabian? apt?

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I downloaded OH v1.7.5 and burned it to an SD card for my RPi 4. But when it gets done with setup it says I have 62 updates available. If I bring up Openhabian-config, option 2 it updates it to 4.0.3. I guess the question would be how can i update an OH3 version without it automatically updating it to OH4?

See e.g. If you want to stay with 3.4 use "apt-mark hold openhab" ( read the whole thread )

Thank you. I will try it tonight.

That worked for me. Thank you

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