Apt-get folders?

I’ve just installed a new system and decided to use apt-get…

Can someone point me at the location of the different folders when installing using apt-get. Specifically I’m trying to find the addons folder - it looks like it’s in /usr/share/openhab2/addons but dropping files in here doesn’t seem to load them…


Ok - looks like the problem was permissions - the arch enemy of linux installations it seems ;).

Do you know this table?

Do you think locations like the addons folder should be added there?

Nope - I missed that (and I was using that page for the installation ;)). That does explain what I thought were inconsistencies about the folders - in some places it seems to use the manual folder names, and in others, the auto folders (I might be wrong about that, but that’s how it seemed and it’s a bit confusing…).

The other thing I added is the extra share in samba for the /user/share/openhab2.

It wouldn’t hurt I guess, although there comes a point where you probably can’t list them all. If I’d seen that table, it would have been fine I think…