Aqara and Openhab3

Hi, I’ve read a lot of threads here on forum but i’m a little bit confused and I ask your help.

I would like to buy some Aqara’ sensors (door sensor and motion sensor).

Which is the best way to completely integrate them in openhab3?
Usb Zigbee2mqtt? Usb conbee II? Or at the moment integration is not possible?

I use some Aqara sensors with deconz. I can‘t comment on the ConBee, I‘m running a dedicated Pi with RaspBee.

I have lots of aqara sensors with zigbee2mqtt.

Zigbee 2 mqtt works very well, I don’t have aqara ones but I have a ton of xiaomi devices.
You can also integrate them directly to openHAB instead of using zigbee2mqtt, never tried it though.

I have lots of Aqara and Xiaomi sensors and switches and they work with Conbee II USB via deconz Rest Api.
But note that all devices are at least a year old so I don’t know if somthing changed i between.
I use motion detectors, door sensors, temperature/pressure/humidity sensors, Mi fire detectors, small button switches and big unwired switches, and I connected the magic cube but I didn’t program any functionality of the cube yet.

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Usually piggy backing off whatever you already have setup. Do you have any existing ZigBee infrastructure setup with openHAB?

I’m using Aqara buttons with zigbee2mqtt, and it works well.

I have deconz with conbee running as a docker container on the same instance of raspi as openhab (container too). There is a dynamic support on a well functioning forum. I would recoment this path. I have Aqara stuff integrated e.g. 6x switch and different sendors.

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I also have a lot of Aqara motion sensors. They work very well via zigbee2mqtt. I actually much prefer their form factor over the Zigbee IKEA motion sensor, which is very bulky. The nice thing about the Aqara is that they are small enough to put on top of the door frame. Only one of mine, the shower motion sensor, requires gluing to the wall. This makes it much easier to reset them when the network is problematic.

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