Aqara Hub v3 Developer Key?


I have a new Aqara hub and try to read out the developer key for integrating to my Smarthome.
I succesfully have added it to the Mi Home App but I can‘t find the section for read out the developer key. Does anyone solved this already or isn‘t it working with v3 of the hub?

All tutorials seems to read out the developer key on an older version of the mi app. In the version if I go to the section of the Hub the „about“ section is not there.

You are not providing enough information about your setup and you did not use the search button on this forum, so I can only take a wild guess:

Thanks for this!

First of all: yes, I did a lot of research but just found threads with similar or the same question but with no solution answer and this is the reason why I asked again in this forum!

I know that this is a help base from other users and I really appreciate this.

I also checked the mentioned thread before, but the user in this thread is using other equipment!

So right now I think that there is no solution. Nevertheless thank you for your support!

It seems no… wait for early 2019…


Any news about that ? Seems that a new version of Aqara App was released.

Chinese New Year is in 2 weeks from now. Ver.1.5.0_000 and LAN protocol is still not included - it means that if no implementation next week - next chance is after 4-5 weeks, not any earlier :frowning:

should we wait a new App release ?

same question here. how to read out the developer key ?

Aqara Hub v3 ( Aqara App / Mi Home App ) no success.
No “About” in Settings, so no developer mode for me. :frowning:

But i find the Aqara Hub in my PaperUI-Inbox.

german is fine :wink: but this article is all about robots… i already have my roborock token. my question is about the Aqara HUB v3. thanks anyway

That works too.

  1. Install Mi Home App from - & get the gateway token
  2. Edit the device & add token

The Russian modified Mi Home APK at that link is now a newer app version of Mi Home and so has the same limitations as the PlayStore ver.

I did mange to get the DEV/LAN Key using a circa 2017 edition of the Mi Home APK loaded onto an old tablet (
This works as per the older instructions available all over the net.

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