Aqara TVOC Smart Air Sensors

I’ve got a few Aqara devices for my home, without realising the issues it brings unfortunately. Although after some trial and error, I got all devices connected. Although connected, the Aqara TVOC Smart Air Sensors don’t get all channels it seems? The air quality is of little interest, but I would like it to at least report the temperature and humidity from it. I do get tamper, battery status (low, alarm and voltage), but nothing else.

I decided to keep them, they are still very good looking devices IMO. Love the e-Ink display. Have anyone any idea how to get them to report the right stuff, if possible?

Unfortunately Aqara is among those vendors who don’t really stick to the Zigbee standard and add their own stuff on top of it requiring custom code in the binding to handle it. I think the zigbee2mqtt service has reasonably good support for Aqara sensors. You might see if that will work, though it’ll mean moving all your Zigbee stuff to that, or getting another coordinator.

I have one of these (LUMI lumi.airmonitor.acn01), bought it in a weak moment.
It looks like it update humidity and temperature very sporadic.
So sporadic that I have not bothered to add the respective items.
The TVOC must be a joke, 100% useless.
And I had this one for months.

But the sensor is pretty. :wink:

I realised that a bit to late. Although, the other devices I got does work fortunately. The temp sensor was a small nightmare to get to work, but eventually it did :slight_smile: The only one that don’t get the temp channels so far is the Aqara TVOC Smart Air Sensors unfortunately. It’s a bit pity, because they look really good IMO. Just use it as an indoor digital thermometer atm.

Thought about IFTTT, but seems to be a bit to much hassle for one device. As I understand it, I must migrate all Zigbee devices to IFTTT, and it’s not really worth the work.

IFTTT supports Zigbee? That’s cool. I think most of us here on the forum dropped them after they nerfed their free tier to the point that it was pointless. Latency was always a problem there too.

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