Aqara wall switch


I need small help. I am complete newbee in Openhab 2.
I bought a few switches from aqara (one button and double button version).

Switches are find and added via zigbee binding. But there is no channels. It’s only a empty thing. Can I create channels manually (config files or something)?

I’ve read also some zigbee2mqqt tutorials about this product, but I’m not sure if zigbee2mqqt works with my coordinator. Right now I am using a Telegesis ETRX357USB ZigBee® USB Stick coordinator (works better witch my osram bulbs), but I have also Nortek Security & Control HUSBZB-1.

Mqtt works for me with Tasmota switch(sonoff), but this is IP(wifi) device not zigbee.

Can somebody point me how to get this aqara switches working without xiaomi gateway?



I bump this topic as I’m thinking on buying those zigbee wall switches and want to know if they work with zigbee binding.

@Jiri_Benes Did you make them work?