Aquare Water Leak Sensor

Hi - I have a Quara Waterleak Sensor and Problems with Sitemap integration - I want to have for example a Water Ikon which is grey and if it water detecs it turn in blue and send a push.

After adding the thing and added to sitemap i see it only as on off switch … :frowning:

best regards

just a noob :smiley:

Users may add their own icons in either png or svg format in the openHAB icons configuration folder, $OPENHAB_CONF/icons/classic/ .

You need to use a rule and one ot the services mentioned here:

thanks !

but dont come around with it - you maybe have an exmple line for the sitemap with a switch which translate on/off not as switch button in sitemap but with an icon that change color ?

No, I’m not using something like that.
The only way to learn how it works is to try it yourself.
If you have your setup and it does not work, post your items, sitemaps and we will see how we can help.

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