Aquarium temperature monitoring

is anyone monitoring their aquarium water temperature?

i would love to hear about your solutions.
I have a z-wave network and also RFXCOM devices.

I did it using an ESP8266 and a waterproof DS18B20 via MQTT. Was really nice to see the rise and fall as the heater kicked in

Thanks Rob, i have the impression MQTT isn’t easy to setup. Do you have any pointers?

Are you using OH2? Intall Mosquitto on your OH Server, the MQTT binding and then head straight to the text config file to configure your broker connection. Keep an eye on the log file for any errors and search the forum for what you find.

Do i need an Arduino Rob?

Yes, to send the data from the temperature probe you’ll need an ESP8266. Ideally an ESP12. I wrote-up my build here

I’m running OH2 Rob, just looking at the shopping list. not sure how confident i am with the hardware build though :slight_smile:

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