Arduino and relays with openHab

Hi all i have openhab running on a pi and mqtt broker running ,but i want to controll a 8ch relay bord with my arduimo with a ethernet shield over openhab and mqtt if anyone can help it will be much appreciated thanks.

Hardware :Two Nodemcu ,
Firmware :TASMOTA-Sonaff 4ch mode ,
you can attach some sensor.
8 relay you need strong Vcc .

Thanks sujitrp i will try it.

my problem is i dont no where to begin in the arduino IDE to set up that my openhab server can communicate with the arduino and i dont really now how to send the command from openhab to the arduino to use.

If you communicate over Arduino, LAN and MQTT see
Arduino Client for MQTT
or in german
MQTT Nachrichten mit dem Arduino empfangen & senden – Blue-PC

You can also use Arduino and the Serial-Bindung
or 1x ESP8266 (ESP-12x or NodeMCU) withe ESPEasy and WLAN

i will try that thanks.
it sounds like i have to set up the bindings to communicate with the arduino.

You only need one binding (MQTT or Serial) for this.
If MQTT is used, openHAB and Arduino (or ESP) communicate over the MQTT-Broker.

i have the binding installed on openhab do i need to do somthing on the arduino ?

Which binding? MQTT?
Check the communication between the broker and openHAB und also the broker and Arduino.
On Arduion you need a sketch like the links aforesaid.

where can i get the sketch for the arduino ?

I am a Frenchie so excuse my english.
Maybe is it redundant but does this plugin (Wifi Led Binding) work with these bridges (Arduino Mega 2560 with breadboard and NRF24L01); Quickly, the Arduino drives a RF 433Mhz module for RFLink AND a NRF24L01 module for 2.4 wifi. Cost : around 20€ both.
This bridge is done for Domoticz. But I had understand that Wifi Led Binding is a general driver for wifi lights.
And it is a plugin to connect Arduino with Openhab.
What do you think about it ?
Thank you very much.