Arduino OpenHAB Light Switch Delay

I am getting delayed response for my LED ON/ OFF function, I request somebody to suggest me Item and Rules Code for a speedy, reliable Switch function. Thank you in advance.

You’ve not supplied any information about your hardware, config, rules etc to allow someone to help you.

My hardware is Arduino and Android with Habdroid app.
//Item File:
Switch itm_node3_sw1_mqtt “Front Gate Light” (frontYard, frontYardGate) {mqtt=">[mosquitto:home/rfm_gw/sb/node03/dev17:command:ON:ON],>[mosquitto:home/rfm_gw/sb/node03/dev17:command:OFF:OFF]"}

//Rule File:
rule "Front Gate Light"
Item Node03_Output changed
if(Node03_Output.state==ON) {
postUpdate(Act_Node03, ON) }
if(Node03_Output.state==OFF) {
postUpdate(Act_Node03, OFF) }

I am very new to openHAB.I have installed eclipse ide of openHAB and trying to test openHab serial binding.My objective is

  1. send “Hello” openHAB to Arduino
    2)Receive on openHAB “Hello” from Arduino no specific condition

simply I can say send and receive data using openHAB serial binding.

PLease help me out on this Iam very new to openHAB please help me.

The info for this arduino gateway is here

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