Ardumower binding request

Hi! As Openhab can communicate with a lot of different protocols and products I think that it should be possible to have OpenHab communicate with Ardumower.

A example: Openhab is reading information from a weather station,- it detects that it starts to rain.
OpenHab sends a message to Ardumower, that tells it to stop moving the grass and return home.
When the rain has stopped, and depending on the amount of rain that has fallen , Openhab tells Ardumower to move to the location it stopped moving the grass and resume it’s work.

It may also may wait for the grass to dry up depending on how much rain came down, wind, temperature and sunshine, but that must be controlled by Openhab. It can also command it to only move the grass at certain times.
OpenHab can already read information from weather service providers, but that can be inaccurate.

Ardumower can be found at:

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