Are channels for CUxD wrapper-devices supported in homematic-binding?


I’am a beginner in OpenHAB and it’s realy awesome what you all have done generally and especially in homematc-binding!

As a beginner, I have some questions. I searched for ‘homematic’ and ‘cuxd’ but don’t found an answer, so I try it here:

I configured OpenHAB and homematic-binding and discovering things worked great! I tried to auto-generated items and it worked good too. I added (and later subsituted) items via file, what also worked fine.

Only thing, I didn’t found, are datapoints (channels) for wrapper-devices in cuxd-things. Because documentation says ‘All devices connected to a Homematic gateway.’, I want to ask, what I have to do for using datapoints like CUxD.CUX9002007:1.ABS_HUMIDITY or CUxD.CUX9002007:1.DEW_POINT and so on.

Thing was discovered and in Paper-UI I can see channels homematic:HM-WDS10-TH-O:MEQ0xxxxxx:CUX9002007:1#TEMPERATURE and homematic:HM-WDS10-TH-O:MEQ0xxxxxx:CUX9002007:1#HUMIDITY but not something like homematic:HM-WDS10-TH-O:MEQ0xxxxxx:CUX9002007:1#ABS_HUMIDITY (even in ‘show more’)…

CCU2, CUxD, OpenHAB runs all newest versions.

I’m happy with any hint :slight_smile: