Are Images supposed to refresh in the Android App?

I have an Image in my sitemap consuming data from an item named EchoDot1ImageUrl from the Amazon Echo Control Binding. In my case when I change music providers; the image stays on the previous image in the Android application (version 2.13.0). If I refresh the application manually the image updates. Items other than Image update as expected.

The basic UI web page updates the Image as expected but the android application does not.

Is there anything in my configuration that could/would cause this? I have tried setting up a rule to explicitly refresh the item but ended up with the same result.

What refresh did you ask for in your sitemap Image widget?

I set a refresh of 3000 and thought this resolved the issue but it has not. It is only updating if I switch frames or manually refresh in the application.

Can you try the latest beta version of the app?

It is resolved in the beta release.