Are there any plans to release asterisk binding for OH2+ in the near future?

Hello All,
I am a huge asterisk fan and have been working with phone systems for about 4+ years.
I am starting to get into HA for my home.

I would very much like to integrate OH with asterisk at my home automation setup.

I do realize that there are other plans such as mqtt and custom scripts but trying not to re-invent the wheel…

If I do decide on doing my own little setup, I will be sure to contribute it back to the community

Suggestions/Comments appreciated.

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There is a OH1 Binding for Asterisk, which worked very well (years ago) with openHAB1, but is not compatible with OH2. So the option to connect through mqtt was more a way to make Asterisk usable with openHAB than the preferred way to do it.

I think a Binding for Asterisk would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


I’m completely the opposite.

I’ve been involved with digital control for years and recently found that voice systems are something I’m being asked about.

Being able to signal one from the other does sound interesting.

I’ll follow this thread with interest.

Good luck :slight_smile:

This is interesting, I have been working with asterisk for let’s say 3-4 years ago. Then it has been a lot of OH2 issues for me. But since the last couple of month have I set up an R-pi with FreePBX 15.x.x and tried to found out how to use thats API for connections.
I have so far figured out to use the FastAGI and ManagerAPI.
My plan is to convert an already working java program build for the older asterisk-versions, which is monitoring RTCP-events during calls. If I succed will it work as an OH2 binding which connect to an FastAGI script and do the mesurements, and returns the result to OH2.

Don’t know of this is what you all are looking for, but this is at least a short brief of my mission regarded OH2 / asterisk FreePBX these days.

And as always and as former speaker says “Suggestions/Comments appreciated.”
Looking forward to hear from you, maybe we can figure something out!!

BR Basse


afaik FreePBX is using asterisk as backend (by the way, I’m using FreePBX, too. Still struggling which plugins are sufficient, though.

So I have finally ported my PBX from a physical machine to an lxc container on my main rig.
its been running solid for about 4 weeks and no sound issues/lags.

I am starting to play with AGI/AMI.
This is what I have done so far.
It will just tell me any incoming call to my asterisk.
I plan to use AGI/AMI to create a IVR/apply AGI/AMI on an IVR and talk to OH using mqtt or mysql

I am not an expert in development with asterisk yet, so I am open to any suggestions.
feedback and constructive criticism are welcome.

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following your link I found mqttwarn
python mqtt client that monitors subscriptions and sends sms, email, pushover or what ever… very interesting

I plan to either make use that and modify that for my purposes or just use that for mqtt communications…

anyway, I will post any updates and update my git as I make progress…

And again, constructive criticism, comments or suggestions are welcome.