Are these things possible [SOLVED]

  1. Send a shutdown command to kodi instances (shutdown for Windows & exit for firestick)

  2. get system info off a machine that is on the local network (ram ,disk space , CPU …)

  3. get a power socket to turn off after a set amount of time (go to bed and turn all living room sockets off apart from one giving set amount of time to allow for Windows updates)

  4. get an email or notification to mobile when a machine goes offline local network and try to send wake on lan commands automatically

  5. is it possible to moniter certain network services to see if they are available (eg RSYNC running on port ****)

Yes that’s all possible and the solutions are all in the forum :slight_smile: or / and in the binding descriptions :slight_smile: Try a search :slight_smile:

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  1. Don’t know

  2. Look at the snmp binding. Though I will give the same advice I always give. OH is a home automation too, not a system administrator’s monitoring tool. Unless you need the information in Oh to drive your automation, you would be better served using a tool like Nagios which is built for that sort if thing.

  3. Look at the Expire binding and Timers.

  4. Look for the mail action, WOL binding, and rules. See my comment above about how there are better tools for this.

  5. Look to the network binding and again see my comment above about there being better tools for this.

Thanks for the advice I will also look into that