Are you using an outside weather station? If so, which one?

I have the ambient weather osprey. It is in my paper ui but won’t communicate with OH?

Has somebody a solution to grap the data of this weather station:

Sainlogic WS3500

I see that this station can upload its data to WeatherUnderground. That being the case, my WeatherComapny binding will pull the PWS data from WeatherUnderground. As an added bonus, you get a 5 day weather forecast from the Weather Company. It’s a bit of a roundabout way to get the data, as you’ll be pulling the data from the Internet rather than directly from the weather station…

You can also redirect the DNS locally to some server (Are you using an outside weather station? If so, which one?).

@mhilbush, Thanks that looks promising, i will dig into that binding.
@andres_meyer : Actually, the configuration software allows to send the Data to a Server which you can specifiy. Unfortunatly i am not smart enoough to get that done. So i will try Marks Binding.

Thank you guys.

There is yet another way which will give you local control and it will work when your internet connection goes down in a storm…

You will need to purchase a IP observer unit which can work at the same time as your indoor screen, they cost $50 to buy.


I also got ws3500 weather station is there a way to link it without API Key

from Oliver

You have several options.

  • as described above, if your station is compatible with the Observer IP, you can buy an Obesrver IP and use @matt1’s binding

  • you can of course get an app and api key from your Ambient Weather dashboard, then use the ambientweather binding

  • if you upload your data to Weather Underground, you can pull the observations using the weathercompany binding. This binding also give you access to the The Weather Company’s 5-day weather forecast.

I don’t think ambient weather works with my weather station

Ok, sorry about that. Perhaps options 1 and 3 are still viable?

how’s does this work without api weathercompany binding.

What is your concern about getting an API key?

I got an API Key but what happens after it Expires

can I regenerate a new one?

that’s what I want to know

thanks again

To the best of my knowledge they don’t expire. However, they can be revoked due to abuse. I suppose they also can be revoked if you stop uploading to Weather Underground. But I don’t know if they actually enforce that.

I have set it up all working now

can I link this to Alexa or google


It depends. What are you trying to do?

I use the Chromecast and Voice RSS bindings to send TTS (text to speech) weather forecasts and weather alerts to my Google Home.

what I would like to do is

when you ask Alexa/google it says the weather from weather station.

from Oliver

Sorry, but I’m not quite sure how you would do that.

Maybe you should start a separate thread to get some ideas how to do it.

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okay will do

thanks for your help on this

from Oliver

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I use the Davis Vantage Pro2, with weewx. It’s a premium solution, as the Davis equipment is used professionally by farmers and meteorologists, but it’s very nicely built; my first one is 18 or 19 years old; I’ve replaced a few parts over time; Davis provides good support and parts. When we bought a second home, I outfitted it with another of the same unit & setup. Since there’s no built-in app, there’s no requirement for cloud access; I capture key stats via mqtt and publish them in OpenHab, and also push html charts to a public web site, so I have full access to the data remotely.

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