Ariston2mqtt - initial version

Hello Community,
I was looking for some options to connect my Ariston GENUS ONE SYSTEM 24 to OH but seems that the binding doesn’t exist yet :slight_smile:
The main problem is that Ariston don’t offer any official API. Also BUS protocol is closed, so officially Ariston equipment can’t be managed by any external system :frowning:

After some checking I’ve found solution for HA created as a result of reverse engeneering. So I decided to simply sent those messages to MQTT broker.
The development is on the very early stage, but already you can:

  1. choose payload format - JSON or single topic per sensor,
  2. generate simple yaml file which can help to simple create channels for generic MQTT thing in OH3

SSL for MQTT is not implemented yet as well as adding thing/channels/items to OH3 via API. Also doing chagnes of some settings on Ariston equipment are going to be implemented later. Currently only reading status of sensors is possible.

To use this solution Python3 is required and following packages:

As mentioned, the version is very initial, so still bugs are possible. Please be understanding.
Please also read carefully description here GitHub - chomupashchuk/ariston-remotethermo-api: Dedicated API in Python for communication with . as some limitations are mentioned.

I know that there is not a lot of Ariston users, but some questions was asked.
Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, few of us have the Ariston boiler, I was resigned to using Google Home (annoying because the Ariston server is really slow).
Just one question, your package cannot be installed via “pip install ariston-remotethermo-api2mqtt”, is this intended? Until 2 days ago it was present on

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Yes, I am not so familiar with pypi yet :slight_smile:
Required API you can instal using pip. After that you can simply download my package from GitHub and run the program.

I will try to manage how to create the package.

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I still was not able to figure out how to create the proper pypi package to install required modules in /lib folder and my programs in $HOME, but at least I did small thing :slight_smile:

Now you can copy git repository to your $HOME folder and then run:
pip install -r requirements.txt

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I-m just building a new aristo net 2 mqtt bridge in .net core capable to run as docker container, not yet 100% completed…

algorni/remotethermo-client: This is a C# client for some of the based Appliance (like Ariston NET) (


@Alberto_Gorni nice!
I can do some tests :wink:

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Hey everyone.
Likewise I have an Ariston Lydos hybrid 100L.
Any news on this topic?