ARM alternative with I2C?

Hello everyone

I have my test setup working fine in RPi, but for the future production system I was thinking about ‘real’ computer with HDD or SSD (for logs, DB, etc). I don’t like the idea of external USB HDD plugged into RPi.
At the same time I need an I2C interface to connect 1-wire adapter, I’m doubtful it will be possible to find x86 PC with I2C on board. USB to 1-wire is not an option as all those adapters are dependent on PC power supply. Any suggestion?

Thank you!


i have a PI2 with external HDD (2,5 Zoll). It works great.

I have just one strong 5V power supply, which powers the pi, a usb hub (HDD, Usb2OneWIre, the OneWireBus, Usb2Serial,…).

You can have a USB 2 OneWire Adapter. You can connect Data and GND of the UsbAdapter to the OneWire Bus. Then you connect the +5V and GND of the external power supply to the OneWireBus.


Denis, thanks for that, for some reasons I completely forgot that 1-wire +5V could be separated from the RPi and adapter.
Are you powering your RPi from the hub as well? Which adapter are you using for 1-wire?

Thanks again


i use this one:

The RPI is also powerd by the 5V power supply, like the usb-ub and the onewirebus.


Thanks, Dennis. I will either use a similar USB adapter or use what is provided of the controller I recently ordered, slightly limited though. For the power - they now have new LRS series, just FYI.