Arranging items/things in the basic-ui

Hi there,

on a sitemap, two groups are divided by the interrupting of the underline.
Two items instead are on one line without an underlining.

Is it somehow possible to get the same layout for items as it is for groups?

Greetings, Dominic

Hello @Dominic_Bialas, could you please upload a screenshot of what you are talking about?

In the first Screenshot you can see two groups. Separated by the interrupted underlining.

In the second Screenshot you can see two items. They are not really separated. I want to have the two items be separated like the groups in screenshot1 are. Is that possible?


Is it now clearer what i do mean? It´s not quite easy to describe - i hope the screenshot make things clearer.

Greetings Dominic

Sadly not really. here’s one screenshot by me, showing two groups and two items:

The space and underline you are looking for are placed between elements but not at the end of a frame.

Hello ThomDietrich,

thank you for your reply.

I simply have had just two items and then there are no underlinings. Thanks for helping :slight_smile: