Astro 1.9 in openhab2

I have openhab2 setup; i was using openhab.

Astro binding has always worked.

I’ve setup the 1.9 binding in openhab2.
I never see anything attempt to happen. What is the best way to debug this?
I have it configured with lat/long etc. It is installed under extensions->bindings
No idea why it won’t ever run


Please provide you items file, and possibly a slightly more detailed description of what you expect to happen, etc.

Do you use Events? If Yes, they will not work with the new version. They are no longer supported.


He is using the 1.9 binding, so the events will work in openHAB2 the same way as in openHAB1.

Switch Event_Sunrise { astro=“planet=sun,type=rise,property=start” }
Switch Event_Sunset { astro=“planet=sun,type=set,property=start,offset=-30” }
DateTime Time_Sunrise { astro=“planet=sun,type=rise,property=start” }
DateTime Time_Sunset { astro=“planet=sun,type=set,property=start” }

I am using 1.9 binding with OH2.

I expect, when sunset hits, that Event_sunset is triggered.
I expect when sunrise hits, that Event_Sunrise is triggered.

Neither of them ever get triggered.

Lat/Longs are all configured.

I do see this in the event log:
2016-11-22 19:35:31.537 [ItemRemovedEvent ] - Item ‘Event_Sunrise’ has been removed.
2016-11-22 19:35:31.538 [ItemRemovedEvent ] - Item ‘Event_Sunset’ has been removed.

This normally happens only when you are reloading one of your items files.

Yes, but those switches don’t stay ON, they just go to ON for milliseconds and then they go back to OFF.
You may use those short ON events to trigger rules.
There are a lot of rule examples here in the forum for the astro binding.

Yes, we need more specifics on what your rules look like. I am using the 1.9 legacy binding in OH2 with no issues, turning on outside lights at sunset and appears to be working fine.

// Lights come on at Sunset and Stay on until 1:30 am.
rule "Outside Sunset Lights ON"
	Item Sunset_Event received update ON
	sendCommand(FF_Light_FrontPorch, ON)
	sendCommand(FF_Light_OutSideGarage, ON)

rule "Outside Sunset Lights OFF"
	Time cron "0 30 01 ? * * "
	sendCommand(FF_Light_FrontPorch, OFF)
	sendCommand(FF_Light_OutSideGarage, OFF)

Thanks guys…I think i sorted this out.
Apparently when you move to OH2, it separates all the config files out.
There is an astro cfg file.
I put the lat long in there and expected it to work.
I did not notice by default, the lines were commented out.
I had others look at my config too and they over looked it as well.

My bad, but I appreciate the assistance.