Astro 2.x binding - Sun phase not working/updating

I have the following setup:

Thing astro:sun:home [ geolocation="xx.xxxx,yy.yyyy" ]
String		AstroSunHome_sPhase_Name	{ channel="astro:sun:home:phase#name" }
sitemap b_astro label="Binding : Astro" {
	Frame   label="Sun" {
		Text 	item=AstroSunHome_sPhase_Name	label="Phase [%s]"

For some reason the Sun phase is not updated (i.e. it stays UNDEFINED). I have tried restarting openHAB without any effect. Everything else in the Astro binding (at least the parts that I am using) seems to work OK.


I just tested on my setup: It works. I have a slightly different config (I use the label in the item):


String          Sun_Phase       "Sun Phase [%s]"                (gAstro)        {channel="astro:sun:local:phase#name"}


Frame   label="Sun" {
                Text item=Sun_Phase


astro:sun:local		"Local Sun"	@	"Astro"	[geolocation="44.x,26.y", interval=60]

Thanks for confirming that what I am trying to do is supposed to work. I will re-check my setup then to see if I may have done “something stupid”.

BTW; I was wondering about this part of your things definiton:

"Local Sun"	@	"Astro"

Is that some (undocumented?) way of adding comments, or does it server a purpose in the definition of the thing?

It’s for organizing my stuff in the control tabs of Paper UI
It’s the location parameter of a thing (I think that it’s part of the standard syntax for all things)


I suddenly realized that I had the release version of openHAB 2 installed, and I started to suspect that the new “phase:name”-channel was not part of this release.

After installing the latest snapshot everything is working well, :slight_smile:

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